Swine flu vaccine tested and distributed

The panic of swine flu has forced people of the whole world to know about swine flu vaccine tested and distributed. In the recent years swine flu has occurred as a pandemic and taken life of many individuals all over the world so it becomes quite obvious to know about different swine flu vaccine tested and distributed in various countries. Continue reading “Swine flu vaccine tested and distributed”

The flu face mask – is it effective?

The most asked question today is “The flu face mask – is it effective?” The answer to that is “yes – to a certain degree”. This is because face masks and respirators can give a person protection against the H1N1 flu as it is effective in stopping large droplets, globules and spittle etc that could infect you. But these are not Continue reading “The flu face mask – is it effective?”

Describing swine flu vaccine plague prophecy

Today we all are living under the threat of swine flu and hoping that the top brains of our generation find an appropriate vaccine against it. The scientists of different creeds are joining hands to discover a suitable cure capable of preventing and curing swine flu. So far people were using flu vaccine which is able to deal with mild swine flu attacks and protects individuals from H1N1 virus to limited extent. However the picture is not that rosy as this vaccine also causes side effects such as redness of skin, swelling, skin rashes etc in many people. A lot of people link swine flu with the media speculated 2012 end of world prophecy. some so called clarivoyents claim that like plague swine flu will irradicate millions of human from the face of earth other claim the vaccine will be the cause of mass depopulation. All these prophecies are cumulatively called as ‘swine flu vaccine plague prophecy’.

As the swine flu has affected most parts of the world so it is quite obvious that an appropriate vaccine is needed against it to make the world free from the virus. Scientists claim that they have found the vaccine for swine flu and people will soon get this vaccine in their local drug stores. They also say that this vaccine will not only be capable of dealing with swine flu virus but also will be devoid of side effects that are currently associated with swine flu vaccine. But before the release of the medicine there is a lot of swine flu vaccine plague prophecy by different intellectuals. Some of these are in favor of the vaccine and appreciate the discovery done by scientists while some are against this vaccine and ask people to remember the past results of the vaccines that were given to people for protection against swine flu viruses. According to their swine flu vaccine plague prophecy this vaccine can be more dangerous than the swine flu virus itself and can repeat the same situation which happened in 1976 after taking the vaccinations. In the year 1976 an American soldier died due to swine flu. After the death of this soldier more than 500 soldiers were found to be affected with the strains of swine flu. Thinking about the situation of 1918 Spanish flu the government of America started a vaccination program to stop the reoccurrence of that situation. During the World War 1 lots of soldier died because of the spread of flu virus. The number of people died from flu was more than that during the war. About sixty millions of people were killed from this plague. The vaccination program started by the government of America was very expensive and millions of people were given this vaccination. After few days of vaccination a lots of people were found to have guillain barr syndrome and soon the government had to stop this vaccination project. But some who favor the new vaccine says it is necessary to get this vaccine to stop the attacks of the swine flu viruses. According to them no any vaccine can be 100% safe for everyone and this vaccine is found to be very less risky in comparison to the disease that it will prevent. The center for disease control and prevention along with several other health organizations have also approved this vaccine and asking people to take it as soon as it is available in the drug stores in their locality.

Thus in near future we will know who is correct in terms of swine flu vaccine plague prophecy.

Who is trying to help cure swine flu?

As the advent of winter people get worried about swine flu which has been declared a pandemic in the whole world. Influenza or any other infective disease becomes pandemic if the causative pathogen spread all over the world and infects the population on large scale, generally it happens for diseases which do not have satisfactory treatment. The outbreaks of swine flu have affected approximately all major cites of the world. The effects of swine flu are becoming dangerous and the situation is worsening with every new outbreak.

At present almost every part of the world is under the threat of a fresh and more virulent outbreak of swine flu. Till now there is no satisfactory vaccination available for swine flu so everyone is eager to know, who is trying to help cure swine flu? It is hard to say who is trying to help cure swine flu as not only the governments of different nations but also the health officials along with different types of local and international organizations are utilizing their resources and efforts to make the world free from the panic of swine flu. Today the health organizations of different nations have come together to cope with swine flu virus and make the world free from the panics of swine flu.

At present Tami flu an antiviral drug and flu vaccine is used to stay protected from the attacks of swine flu. However people can suffer for some side effects such as swelling, tenderness or rashes on the skin after taking these medicines. One more fact that is not so pleasing about these medications is they are not very effectively in treating or preventing swine flu.

Who is trying to help cure swine flu using natural herbs?

There are some natural herbs which can help people in developing immunity against swine flu and these are Echinacea, olive leaf extract, elderberry extract, adaptogens etc. These herbs are easily available, cheap and also have no side effects so people can use them without any fear. Many practitioners of naturopathy are trying to cure swine flu with the help of formulations made using these natural resources.

The best strategy would be to stay protected from the attacks of swine flu by following the preventive measures given by means of mass media. These tips are very crucial in stopping the viruses from entering in the healthy body. People are also getting surgical masks as a preventive tool for swine flu. As the swine flu viruses spread from person to person at a high speed through coughing and sneezing, in such situation these surgical masks can stop the virus from entering into the body of
a healthy person. People are also considering yoga, homeopathy and ayurvedic treatments to cure swine flu. As the swine flu virus spreads from person to person at a high speed and also reproduces in the body at a high frequency, it is suggested to consult the doctor as soon as symptoms of flu are perceived. Headache, fever, coughing, sneezing, body ache, sore throat, respiratory problems and tiredness are the common symptoms of swine flu. In severe cases of swine flu a person can suffer from vomiting and dehydration. Survey shows that a number of swine flu cases and been cured without hospitalization of the patient and the deaths caused by swine flu is less than that caused by common seasonal flu.


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What are the swine flu symptions?

It is necessary for all the people to know about the swine flu symptions as soon as the epidemic of this disease starts so that one can recognize whether he is suffering from swine flu or not. The H1N1 virus transmits from person to person just like seasonal flu but rapidly. When a healthy person comes in contact with an infected person the virus from the droplets of cough and sneeze of infected person enters into the healthy person. The transmission of virus happens through the air. The virus of swine flu also infects a healthy person if he touches things which have been touched by the infected person. Just like seasonal flu swine flu is also a respiratory disease and spreads through air from person to person. The swine flu symptions are generally like seasonal flu and in many cases it can be serious. A person may be suffering from swine flu if he feels tiredness, chill headache, and body ache or have sore throat, high temperature, runny nose, coughing or sneezing.At times a person can suffer from vomiting and dehydration. People dealing from above symptions should not neglect it and consult their doctor as soon as possible to know whether they are affected by swine flu or not.

Dealing with the swine flu symptions

By following these points one can stop himself from getting swine flu.

It is necessary to be away from the person suffering from swine flu or swine flu symptions.

Don’t touch your mouth, nose or eyes after coming in contact with the droplets of cough or sneeze of an infected person as germs can enter into your body and make you infected.

Cover your mouth and nose with the tissue during sneeze or cough and through the tissue in the right place.

Wash your hands with soap and warm water for 30 seconds after touching the surfaces which can be infected or whenever it is required as cleanliness is the only way to deal with swine flu.

Use antibacterial cleaners to clean the surfaces which can be infected.

Try to stay away from places where there is crowd of people.

Keep the ventilation of your house proper.

Lemon balm tea has anti-viral properties so a person should drink it.

Proper diet, sound sleep and cleanliness are very much necessary.

It is also necessary to wear a mask on mouth and nose when there is panic of swine flu.
Swine flu is becoming troublesome day by day as it is affecting lives of many people and spreading in many countries. If the swine flu goes on spreading on this level then it will soon become a pandemic. People should also know that swine flu virus causes damage to lungs more in comparison to common flu. The study shows that 50 percent of the total people died because of lung damage. It is also important to notice that the H1N1 virus generally attacks young people or the small children and the old people who have some basic problem can be its target.

So to save ourselves from the attack of this disease we should take the necessary preventive steps.